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PC Plotter version 7 

Version 7 can display the Satellite image overlays available on Platinum+ charts.  Seabed shading is also visible and this is being extended further off shore by Navionics.

PC Plotter 7 (NOW WITH AIS SUPPORT) uses Navionics+ charts and SonarChart, (can also read Platinum, Gold and Hotmaps Platinum.

Tide speed and direction can be displayed.

AIS targets and Theyr weather (wind speed and direction, wave height and direction) can be overlaid on the charts together with weather downloaded from other sources.

Navionics vector charts are made up of layers of information. Unwanted layers may be turned off to reduce clutter. Information layers include:

Admin Areas, Fish area, pipelines
Anchorage Areas, Lakes, railways
Annotation(text), Landmarks, relief
Buildings, restricted areas
Cables, Military areas, rocks
Control points, Nature of seabed, spot soundings
Cultural Features, navaids, tides and currents
Depth Areas & contours, obstructions, traffic routes
Ferry ways, offshore structures, wrecks

and more..

  • Nov 2018 Version 7.21 Fixed an error that caused the Quota to be exceeded when uploading images. Stopped uploading of catches after just downloading all catches. Added facility to create a catch based on a previous catch and selecting which sections of data should be copied across. Added sort facility on Catch Library screen. Added export to spreadsheet/database (.csv file).
  • June 2018 Added Winning Fishing new url. Added Winning Fishing full subscription.
  • May 2018 Version 7.18 Changed the display of the TCPIP address to correct a problem with Unicode version. Changed the configuration of the NMEA2000 page to store the NGT-1 text. Changed the NMEA 2000 so that it did not show POSITION OK when the position had been lost when multiple messages were giving conflicting data. Corrected a problem with the display of routes across the dateline. Improved efficiency of route drawing in the process.
  • Feb 2018 Version 7.18 Changed /NOSPLASH to stop the acceptance screen showing. ADDED WINNING FISHING menus with user accounts, catches etc. Added the right click option to "create catch at this point" Added Precipitation rate units setup in configuration.
  • Dec 2017 Version 7.17 Corrected a spelling mistake. Changed AIS message 21 to correct a minor issue. Fixed issue with copy to clipboard for Routes and optimum routes. Added support for Lowrance/B&G USR files version 5 and 6.
  • July 2017 Version 7.16 Fixed a problem with the Raymarine C Series .FSH file export after Unicode changes.
  • New May2017 - Version 7.15 of PC Plotter 19 May 2017
    All languages in UNICODE and Russian language released.
    Changed the system to be able to cope with tablets with multiple GPS sensors
    for Location Based Services. Sensor number can be entered on the NMEA
    configuration page.
    Added unit configuration for Temperature, weight, Pressure and Small Lengths.
    Added better description for Error 1117 when copying chart files.
    Changed import of waypoints to cope with a ' on the end of a lat or long.
    Changed the options for the export of waypoints to include
     - DMS Degrees, minutes and seconds
     - Degrees and decimal minutes and N/S in seperate columns
     - Degrees, Minutes, seconds and N/S in separate columns.
  • New Aug 2014 - Wind speed and wave height limits show in red
  • New Aug 2014 - Theyr weather with free trial
  • New JAN 2012 - PC Plotter and NavigationPLANNER both now displays Navionics Platinum Chart satellite overlays
  • New JAN 2012 - Improved Chart Catalogue and chart selection
  • New JAN 2012 - Can now use any card reader
    (note may require an update to your charts)
    • Chart cartridges can now be read without the need for a special card reader.
    • Direct support for Micro SD cards
  • New JAN 2012 - Allows the copying of the charts onto your Hard Disk
    • Charts may be copied directly to the user's Hard Drive, and read from the hard drive
    • On first loading (1st time only) an internet connection is required to register the chart
    • Improved tidal stream display - Clearer stream direction arrow, and faster display
  • New JAN 2012 - Faster chart load and draw
    • Both chart load and draw are faster
    • The complete cartridge can be read without the need to open chart files
  • New JAN 2012 - Improved routing across whole chart cartridge - Pan across the whole cartridge
  • New JAN 2012 - Improved support for plotters - modified for later version of plotter software
  • New JAN 2012 - Searches across the complete chart cartridge
    • The "Port list/Go To Port" has access to the full cartridge, and enabling fast screen navigation
  • New JAN 2012 - Improved online activation process - Activation Codes by return
  • New For June 2009 - Now with "GO TO" quick route facility (as suggested in the Sailing Today article).
  • NEW FOR 2009 - Version 5 available with a new easier to use ribbon interface as well as new graphical Icons to make navigation easier. Many of the most used functions are now on a single view menu that can turn the main display options on and off. Chart plotting cant get much easier than this!!
  • NEW FOR 2009 - Colour coded AIS targets
  • NEW FOR 2009 - Support for the new AIS tide guages and meteorological information..
  • NEW FOR 2009 - AIS with FAIR technology tm("Fast Ais Information Recovery")
  • NEW FOR 2009 - Now able to display the much more detailed weather files from predictwind.com for those with the weather option. Check out the predictwind web site for more details.
  • NEW FOR 2009 - Already setup and tested with Windows 7.
  • SPECIALIST SUPPORT FOR:- MLR FX Series GPS, ICOM M505 VHF with AIS, ICOM M603 VHF with AIS, COMAR CSB200 AIS Transponder, Easy TRX AIS Transponder, Echo Pilot TRX AIS TRansponder, AIT 250 AIS Transponder, AMEC Dolphion Man Over Board system, NKE Crew MOB system.
  • Extensive help files
  • Special editing options for editing more than 1 waypoint at the same time (i.e. changing the symbol of a group of waypoints at the same time, appending text to the notes of a group of waypoints etc..
  • Special entry options for the entry of waypoint data (more position entry formats).
  • Many import options for waypoints from various other companies like Garmin, GPSU etc..
  • Works on Macintosh
  • Waypoint symbols that match the symbols read from Raymarine, Lowrance, Furuno, Eagle, Geonav, Humminbird and Northstar route and waypoint files.
  • Support for the Amaryllo GPS family. The Amaryllo SiRFstarIII GPS receiver either with a USB interface or bluetooth interface can now be supplied with PC Plotter.
  • Can read waypoint files from the popular utility "Gps Utility" and also some OZI Explorer files.
  • Import waypoints from Garmin POI CSV files. Many of which can be downloaded free from the web. There are files for showing all the MacDonalds, Argos stores, Tesco stores, Morrisons, Waitrose, Starbucks, National trust sites, Cinemas, Sailing clubs etc.
  • Chart presentation can be changed between International and US chart colours and symbology.
  • Drag mode for positioning chart views easily.
  • Can read Navionics charts from Micro SD, SD, MMC and CF memory cards or from hard drive/CD.
  • Reads and writes routes and waypoint files from the following plotters: Raymarine, Lowrance, Furuno, Eagle, Geonav and Humminbird. See list of supported plotters. Now reads Northstar files and Raymarine A65 files.
  • Routes: Graphical Route Planning. Quick Route/Go To facility to instantly route from your current position to a point on the chart. Click near an existing waypoint and it can be added to the route without the need to find it in a waypoint list.
  • Routes: Easy editing of routes. Right click on a route point, select "Move Route Point" and simply move it to another position. Select "Add route point AFTER or BEFORE" an existing route point.
  • PC Plotter will calculate the course and distance for each leg of the route, and calculate time for a leg INCLUDING calculations with tides.
  • Waypoint Library, edit individual waypoints, all waypoints or selected waypoints. Allows changing waypoint symbols, groups or text with one edit.
  • Sort waypoints (by name, nearest to vessel, by group)
  • Copy waypoints and create new waypoints based on an existing waypoint (i.e. applying a distance and bearing).
  • Import/Export waypoints to and from CSV files created with Excel or other programs.
  • Delete single waypoints or multiple waypoints easily
  • Move waypoints graphically
    • After placing your waypoints, edit them, name then, reposition them and add them to a route
  • Distance Measurement - Use the measure tool to measure distance and direction from point to point
  • Multiple Routes - The limit to the number of routes is the size of your computer system disk drive
  • Zoom Box
    • Click and drag a Zoom box around the area of interest
  • Dual user interface
    • Standard Windows buttons and menus for planning
    • Sailing Mode - easy to use enlarged buttons for easy access while sailing
  • DR mode
    • Enter the start position and a course and speed
    • PC Plotter displays the current DR Position in real-time
  • Manual Position fixing
    • Enter bearing(s) and/or distance(s) off, to build up a position
    • Type in a Latitude and Longitude to position the vessel
    • Manually move the vessel on the chart using the mouse
  • User created quick marks
    • Create your own marks and build up your own database of positions. Whether you are fishing, racing or cruising, a very useful feature
    • Enter racing buoys
    • Enter temporary marks
  • Information panel
    • Displays Current position
    • Current Navigation mode, Heading, Speed, Course Over the Ground (COG), Speed Over the Ground (SOG)
    • Current Route information including current waypoint, bearing, distance, and cross track error
      • Suggested steering direction
      • Time To Go to mark (TTG)
      • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Alarms
    • Position fixer alarm (Enabled automatically when the GPS is connected)
    • Alarm when a distress signal is received via DSC radio
    • Alarm on AIS targets when Closest Point Of Approach is critical.
  • Vessel Track Display
    • Displays the track
      • Configure frequency of position marks
      • Configure size of track
      • Configure Predictor line, size and area covered
  • Log
    • Maintains a log of distance and course steered and you can enter your own comments in the log as well
  • Tides
    • Navionics charts contain full tidal information including tidal streams, tide height and times etc..
  • Sun & Moon
    • Navionics GOLD charts contain sun rise, sun set, moon rise, moon set and moon phase information
  • Automatic Chart Selection
    • With Navionics vector charts, the chart is selected automatically using the zoom and position to determine the appropriate chart to display
  • Autopilot interface
    • PC Plotter may be configured to interface with an autopilot
    • Plan you route at home, enter waypoints and route details
    • Link PC Plotter to the Autopilot and let PC Plotter take charge of the trip
  • Over zoom
    • With Navionics vector charts it is possible to OVERZOOM to a specific area of the chart - useful when you want to get a "better" idea of the exact position on a chart where you do not have the appropriate large-scale chart. (Generally not recommended)
  • User defined areas and alarms
    • Set up your own Alarm areas, for Anchor watch or other to set "No Go areas"
  • Instrument interface
    • Using an NMEA 0183 link, PC Plotter can display all your instrument information on the PC Plotter information display
  • Man Over Board
    • With the Man Over Board button on the screen, PC Plotter will instantly record the position when you press the MOB button, and allow you to retrace your steps, knowing where to search.
  • Multi-language
    • PC Plotter is available in English, German, Italian and French if you have a multi language crew, it is possible to switch between languages whilst the program is running.
  • USB Key
    • Chart security can now be held on either a USB or parallel port Security key
  • Installation made even easier
  • Multiple languages which can be changed without restarting PC Plotter (useful for multi-language crew)
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Russian